French Quarter Mystery Part 2

Taught by Linda Christensen

Class Description

While traveling in France, Linda has taken the architectural details of castles and cathedrals and turned them into a treasure of ideas for a beautiful mystery quilt that will delight your creative talents.  The design will feature a medallion center measuring 18” by 18” (a Fat Quarter) and authentic French fabric will be provided if desired*.  French needlework will also be featured in the quilt as well as some hem stitching, “Frenchy” knots and applique.  We will use a mixture of wool, silk, velvet, ribbon, lace and threads to weave texture into the design for a modern yet medieval flare.  The morning will be used to piece our quilt top together, and then in the afternoon,we will add applique, embroidery stitches and embellish our quilt. The finished project will be a wall hanging measuring approximately 70” x 70”.


Linda Christensen has lived in Cache Valley for 35 years.  She loves the beauty of the area and her family enjoys many activities such as biking, skiing, hiking and motorcycling.  Linda has always loved working on quilts and doing embroidery.  Hand applique is her favorite quilting technique.  She also loves architecture, traveling, photography and gardening and she was able to create her quilt using all of these things.  Linda would love to try her hand at designing fabrics.  Linda has taught many quilting classes at Bernina Stylish Fabric store and Needles and Friends Quilt Guild workshops.  She has designed many of her own quilts and enjoys the fluidity of fabric in creating her work. She is doing more machine quilting now and has also loved the creative process in that medium.