Thank You for Exploring Winter Quiltfest!

Winter Quiltfest is an annual winter quilting retreat enjoyed in peaceful Cache Valley, Utah. Quilters treasure this weekend escape in comfort and style while they do exactly what they love—quilting. We take pride in our retreat, and we especially love when others enjoy it too. Read more about our history.

I have always loved seeing women who have overcome real trials in life and come for a little “time out” for themselves. A friend came after finding out she had cancer and again the next year after her battle. I was so happy to see her! Those who overcome challenges in their lives are my heroes!
— Amy

Quilting is what we’ve done.

In 1997, after organizing quilt shows and classes for the Festival of the American West, seven women formed a small business called Heritage Quilts and Needlework Associates. They began to offer a full-service quilt retreat called “Winterfest” held at Sherwood Hills Resort in Sardine Canyon.

It hasn’t always been easy.

 In January 2002, those planning to attend Winterfest were unexpectedly required to cancel the retreat to make space for Olympic participants. After this experience, many of the ladies decided to dissolve the partnership and put their efforts into other activities.

But it's worth it.

Amy, Ruth, and Kim at Daniel's Summit in 2003

Fortunately, Ruth Spendlove, with her love of quilting, kept Winterfest alive.  She invited Kim Williams and Amy Maxfield to join her.  The three of them secured a new venue at Daniel’s Summit and grew Winterfest into a full-service quilt retreat. After 10 successful years of hosting renowned teachers from all over, Winterfest has become one of the highest-quality and most reputable quilting retreats in Utah.

Amy and her husband Brad

Quilting is what we love.

In late 2013, Ruth and Kim decided to retire. With the encouragement of her family, Amy keeps the excitement and anticipation of Winter Quiltfest alive – now in Cache Valley!

Jessica Parker and Amy Maxfield

Jessica Smith Parker, an accomplished photographer and quilter, helped us in 2014 and 2015 to continue the fun. All the photos you see on this website were taken by her during Winter Quiltfest. She has brought a young energy, a bright smile, and a lot of hard work to the team. Check out her photography website here

Name and Logo Changes

Winterfest is now Winter Quiltfest! It was renamed in 2014 to reduce confusion with other winter events and to clarify that it's a quilting party. This helps us convey who we are and what we do quicker than before. We hope you love the change.

Also, after more than a decade with our beloved snowmen, they have decided to retire. We've moved to a more modern and simple logo featuring a beautiful snowflake for the season. Amy's reaction: "I LOVE THE NEW LOGO!!" See the difference below: