Cathedral Window Pillow

Taught by Maho Schwartz

Class Description

These pillows are so fun to make and you need to make them for each season and holidays! In three hours, you should be able to complete a 14 x 14 pillow. You want to make a 20 x 20 pillow instead? No problem! The instructions for the larger pillow will be given in class also. These pillows are easier than you think. This class is definitely for confident beginners.

Required Materials

Please have all your fabric cut prior to the class. We will be working on the 14x14 pillows in class.

  • 28 inch background fabric (solid color)
    • Cut (4) 14x14 inches
    • Cut (2) 14x12 inches
  • (4) 4 1/4 inch squares for the window fabrics (I used 4 different pieces of scrap fabric)
  • (4) 4 inch squares of Warm and Natural
  • (5) Buttons (7/8 inch or larger)
  • (1) 14x14 pillow form
  • Thread (match your background fabric and your buttons)

For a 20x20 pillow (reference only as we will be working on a 14x14 pillow in class):

  • 60 inch background fabric (solid color)
    • Cut (16) 10x10 inches
    • Cut (2) 20x14 inches
  • (24) 3 inch squares for the window fabric
  • (24) 2 3/4 inch squares of Warm and Natural
  • (8) 3 inch squares for the half windows—sub cut to (16) triangles
  • (8) 2 3/4 inch squares of batting—sub cut to (16) triangles
  • (25) Buttons (7/8 inch or larger)

Supply list:

  • Fabric, thread, Warm and Natural, buttons, and a pillow form (listed above)
  • Your own iron and ironing board can save you time
  • Regular starch
  • Pins


Maho was born and raised in Kobe, Japan. She came to Utah as a foreign exchange student in high school. She graduated from Utah State University in Business Information Systems. After working as a computer programmer for 5 years, she retired and became a full-time mom and a fabric addict.

Although she is well known in her community for sewing "themed Halloween costumes" for her entire family over the past 10 years, her true love is designing quilts and doing the math to figure out how much fabric is needed to complete a project.

This is Maho’s second year teaching at the Winter Quiltfest.  Last year, she taught a class on Boho Jean quilt which was featured in the Fons & Porter’s “Easy Quilts” last spring.  At this year’s Quiltfest, she will be teaching the Cathedral Pillow class and the Hexigami Pillow class. 

In addition to designing quilts, sewing, and teaching quilting classes, Maho loves to wake board and snow ski with her husband and 4 children.

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