Giant Dahlia

Taught by Carol Armstrong

Class Description

This quilt claims to be quick and easy made on the sewing machine according to the authors of the book. When completed it is a stunning piece and looks impressive. You will learn some techniques that will make this an easy quilt to make. It may not be so quick, but guaranteed, it will be fun!

Supply List

You will need 3 dark value colors, 3 medium value colors, and 2 light value colors. The more contrast the better. This can be made as a monochromatic quilt, 2 color ways, or scrappy.

The book is required and available through several internet bookstores. Titled "The Quick and Easy Giant Dahlia Quilt on the Sewing Machine" (Dover Needlework; Paperback) by Susan Aylsworth Murwin and Suzzy Chalfant Payne.

This class will require a sewing machine. Class members will do some preparatory work prior to class and instructions will be emailed to participants.

Fabric List

The fabrics are in alphabetical order starting from the center.  There are two sizes you can make;  47" x 47" with a 39" center or 76" x 76" with a 54" center.

You can omit the letter "I" if you applique the dahlia on the "J" or the background fabric.  I have not given yardage for the border on this quilt as we will not have time to cover the border in class.  The instructions and yardage for the border and backing fabric can be found in the book on page 14.